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Pipeline Monitoring

It is vital for any gas company to maintain the value and integrity of its pipelines and to protect them effectively against vandalism, or leakages. Our systems use infrared devices to monitor oil pipelines. Infrared devices attached to UAVS/drones use the temperature difference between the soil and fluid to detect oil and gas leakage.

Geographic Information System

We provide services that allow us to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles and Surveying data into a GIS platform. GIS applications are tools that allow organizations to create, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships and patterns that enable timely and cost effective decisions that are referenced to geo-graphical locations. Our UAVS/drones can capture accurate aerial digital images that can be stitched together into 3-D maps

Surveying & Mapping

We offer surveying grade fixed wing drones with efficient aero dynamics features. This provides the advantage of longer flight durations at higher speeds with the capability of scanning large areas. The high quality aerial geo-referenced imagery acquired is used to create high resolution 2D orthomosaics, maps, digital surface models (DSM), and other GIS datasets. Our services guarantee accurate, fast and cost effective method of acquiring surveying data. We also offer professional geomatics and land surveying services using most recent GPS technology and conventional methods